IN THE MEDIA gives 5 reasons why TimberQuest should be your next family outing
LONDONDERRY, VT (Aug 21, 2013) - We understand that there are a ton of amazing outdoor activities calling out your name here in the Green Mountain State – however, after spending the afternoon 30 feet up in the air, flying through the trees, we suggest that you bump TimberQuest to the top of your list. Located directly on Magic Mountain in Londonderry, TimberQuest is the next evolution in aerial adventure courses. We’ve listed our Top 5 Reasons why you should plug TimberQuest into the family GPS and start your Quest ASAP. 

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Stratton Mountain Blog - Things to do in Southern Vermont - TimberQuest
STRATTON, VT (July 3, 2013) - It’s that time, BBQ’s are every other weekend, you’re now living off watermelon and sweet tea, the smell of sunblock is in the air, and the kids are out of school and driving you crazy. Yes, it’s summer and everyone’s looking for something fun to do. Many who spend the summer at Stratton always come asking the same question, “What is there to do around here?” In response to this popular question, it’s been decided to begin a blog series cleverly named ‘Things to do in Southern Vermont’ (original, I know).

At first, I figured beginning the series would be tough. With so much to choose from, what activity would I share first?! Lucky for me, the decision fell into my lap after a trip to Timber Quest last week with a co-worker. Located at Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont, Timber Quest is an aerial adventure amongst the treetops with over 20 zip lines, the longest being 260 feet long, and 75 challenges of varying difficulty.

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New experience in the trees offers guests of all ages a unique experience to explore outside their
comfort zone where natural Vermont surroundings are front and center

LONDONDERRY, Vt. (Aug. 22, 2012) - Guests to the new TimberQuest Park at Magic Mountain will discover that there is a way to totally unplug from today's hurried society and still completely recharge at the same time. Through a series of tree-top obstacle courses and ziplines throughout the park, the TimberQuest Park experience is uniquely designed to offer a challenge in self-discovery, thrills, and excitement, in an authentic, natural outdoor experience.

"TimberQuest was created because we all grew up climbing trees and playing in treehouses," said David Rosow, Jr., founder and owner of TimberQuest. "It was challenging, fun, full of exploration, and it took you to places that you wanted to reach through your own power and imagination. We have recreated that youthful experience here in a place where all family members can share the thrill of playing in the trees together. At the end of the journey, everyone comes out happy and accomplished. That is the goal of TimberQuest."

Rosow created the TimberQuest Park because he believed there was something missing in the traditional zip-line or “aerial adventure parks” as they are commonly referred to. He said the passion behind TimberQuest combines the challenges and obstacles of tree-top parks with the art of self-discovery. Participants choose different level courses that are easily color-coded similar to the level of difficulty of ski trails - green, blue, red, and black.

Even though many traditional parks are geared toward tweens and above, the TimberQuest Park at Magic Mountain is designed for people all ages and abilities. A starter course, created for younger children or tweens and adults who want to ease into the art of tree climbing, is just about three to four feet from the ground. Participants are harnessed and clipped in the same way as those on the main courses, but the lower height level allows parents and trained ground guides to assist all ages through the course.

Rosow sought out the best in safety devices and selected a contractor who has built parks across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, where parks and courses have been in vogue for many years. The TimberQuest Park at Magic conforms to the Professional Ropes Course Association’s standards - the United State’s most stringent industry safety standards; and was built by an accredited PRCA contractor. The TimberQuest Park at Magic will be the first park built in the United States to the new American National Safety Institute standards. TimberQuest proudly sourced its construction lumber from local vendors.

“We are using a safe, simple state-of-the-art safety system throughout TimberQuest,” said Rosow. “Two smart safety clips keep you continuously connected throughout the course and on the zip lines. Our zip lines are ‘smart-lines’ that have been engineered for all to ride and land safely without having to use your hands or gloves.”

The park is situated at the base of Magic Mountain ski area with 18 ziplines going downhill, across hill and some even go uphill. There are 65 elements ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced including the Postman Walk, the Island Hop, Vine Walk, Kitten Crawl, and the Great Wallenda just to name a few of the routes. Course height varies anywhere from three to 40 feet from the ground, with some zipline rides being 350 feet long.

TimberQuest is open daily from 10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. through fall foliage season until Oct. 31. For more information, details and to purchase tickets online, visit

TimberQuest Park at Magic Mountain is the first of its kind in the region to provide the traditions of zipline and obstacle courses parks in the trees, with the passion for empowering individuals in an unplugged, natural environment.

Magic Mountain, in Londonderry, Vt., is the only independently owned ski area in Southern Vermont and at age 50, is still one of the most exciting, challenging and authentic Vermont ski experiences. Different than the corporate resorts, Magic guests enjoy a mountain emphasizing natural, diverse ski terrain in an atmosphere of shared camaraderie for the sport both on the slopes and in the lodge after a long, rewarding day. Magic skiers love the mountain so much that they have invested in the ski area via The Magic Partnership in order to enhance and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.